Safetember Newsletter

Safetember: See Danger…Speak Up!

As a founder member of the Fork Lift Truck Association, the Forkway Group are proud to partner, and support the FLTA with the Safetember Campaign, aimed at reducing the number of forklift truck related accidents. 

Why Safety Month?

Every year, literally hundreds of UK workers receive life-changing injuries in serious forklift truck accidents. 

National Fork Lift Safety Week was launched in 2008 to raise awareness of the dangers involved in fork lift operations and to stress the importance of common sense measures that can make lift trucks safer and more efficient.

This year, the safety campaign has been extended from one week to a month in an effort to mount a larger offensive on the persistent and unacceptable number of forklift truck accidents in our industry. Last year a staggering 800 people were injured in accidents involving FLTs, most resulting in traumatic injuries that will change lives forever.

A forklift kills one worker every 6 weeks in the UK!!

Safe User Group - Protect Your Workers...And Yourself!

The Safe User Group is open to all users of forklifts, regardless of the size of fleet or type of operation. Join today and stay on the right side of the law.

National Forklift Safety Conference - Book Your Place

360° safety: The National Conference will present a holistic approach to preventing fork truck accidents.

FLTA Safety Training Videos

The FLTA have an excellent series of Safety Training Videos to view online.

Free Safety Posters

The Forkway Group, in partnership with the FLTA is giving away a set of six safety posters.

The six posters are designed to improve forklift safety and address some of the major and abiding concerns such as pedestrian awareness and managing speed within a forklift environment.

To get your free posters simply email us your contact details, including your email address, and we will send you a link so that you can download the posters and print them in whatever size suits your needs.

Leaving Keys In Forklifts Can Cost Lives

A company in the UK was fined £180,000 with £15,000 costs after a worker was killed by an unauthorised person driving a forklift– because the key was left in the ignition.

You might not be aware but it is actually illegal to leave the keys in an unattended forklift. This is to prevent unauthorised use of forklifts and warehousing equipment. Many companies get fined, and face expensive insurance problems because an unauthorised driver (casual staff, truck drivers, contractors etc) has used a forklift, or warehousing truck, and had an accident.

If an unauthorised person has access to your forklift, they won’t be covered under your insurance and you faced being fined. There is usually a reason why people leave the keys in the ignition, it may be that other keys have previously gone missing or people have left them at home but nonetheless it is the law. Luckily there are a number of cost effective and practical solutions for overcoming the problem.

All forklifts and plant equipment can be fitted with low cost Driver Identification systems, which prevent unauthorised usage. These can be anything from a simple keyfob or pin code unit to a more sophisticated ‘credit card’ and can be programmed in a number of ways, from preventing non authorised operators from using the equipment, to allowing individual operators to drive more specialised equipment such as VNA trucks or to track the utilisation of the materials handling equipment. Crash detection monitors can also be included on some of the systems.

Please call The Forkway Group on 0844 854 8899 for more advice on Driver Identification Systems and Telematics.

Thorough Examinations: Are You Breaking The Law?

If you operate a forklift, including trucks on short term hire, then you are required by law to ensure that it holds a valid report of Thorough Examination.



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