Yale Order Pickers

Low Level Order Pickers


1400-2500 kg

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Medium / High Level Order Pickers

MO10, MO10E

1000 kg

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Yale order pickers for faster, more accurate order picking

The MO series of electric order pickers offer quiet, effortless operation and an abundance of features, all focused on ensuring operators can achieve faster, more accurate, order picking no matter the order picker. With two types of order picking systems available, Forkway can provide you with a bespoke storage solution.

Low level order pickers, for first and second levels, are available with a choice of lifting platforms and include a scissor lift option. They are ideal for use in high capacity warehouses where horizontal transport is needed over short and long distances.

The medium and high level order pickers are designed for second and third level picking of up to 4.8m. They include features such as fixed forks, fixed cabins and a walk on platform or cage with safety barriers and protective cage.

Both ranges include buttons on both sides of the order picker, improving operator control and reducing fatigue. In addition, adjustable performance settings allow tailoring modifications to be completed so that your order picking system is specific to the application requirements of your warehousing operations.

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