Yale Pallet Stackers

Pedestrian Stackers


1000-1600 kg

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Platform Stackers


1250-1500 kg

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Rider Stackers


1250-1500 kg

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Counterbalanced Stackers


1000-1500 kg

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Yale pallet stackers for high performance in the smallest areas

From the pedestrian warehouse stacker to the counterbalanced stacker, there is a comprehensive range of Yale stacking solutions available. Each stacker forklift has been developed to optimise operations in the space required.

The user's comfort is a priority and with over 50 different stacking solutions available, we will always be able to provide the warehouse stackers you need to position all types of loads just where you want them. Offering excellent ergonomics and performance, the Yale Pallet Stacker significantly improves productivity within intense warehouse operations.


  • AC Drive Motor
  • Capacities up to 1500kg
  • Lift Heights up to 5998mm

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