Yale Pallet Trucks

Shelf Stocker


2000 kg

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Platform Pallet Trucks


2000-3000 kg

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Rider Pallet Trucks

MP20-30S, MP20T

2000-3000 kg

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Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks


1600-2200 kg

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Heavy Duty Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks


2500-3000 kg

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Yale pallet trucks for productive horizontal transportation

Whether loading or unloading a trailer or moving loads around a warehouse the Yale range of electric pallet trucks are designed to make the operator's job as easy and comfortable as possible to ensure that the warehouse operates at maximum productivity.

Special features such as angled handgrips and ‘butterfly’ controls that require minimum effort help reduce stress on the operator’s wrist, thumb and fingers. From lower steps to contoured cushion seats that reduce body vibration and fatigue, aiding operator comfort and positively influencing the resulting effect on productivity.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and state of the art technology of the flexible range of MP pedestrian and rider pallet trucks, operators enjoy reliability and virtually effortless operation, remaining productive for longer.


  • Capacities up to 3000kg (specific models)
  • Lift Heights up to 2.1m (specific models)
  • Changeable pre-set performance levels
  • Ergonomic controls
  • AC Drive Motors

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