Yale Tow Tractors

Tow Tractor


5000 kg

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Yale tow tractors for horizontal transport over short and long distances

The MO50T Tow Tractor is an extremely efficient and cost effective solution for line feed operation in manufacturing. The Yale Tow Tractor is ideally suited for use in high intensity manufacturing operations and horizontal transportation of loads over short and long distances.

With adjustable performance settings available along with a variety of couplings, the Forkway Group are able to modify your Tow Tractor so that it suits the application where it is being deployed.

In addition, the MO50T Tow Tractor also features a large battery capacity that is easily accessible with a side extraction, therefore limiting the downtime during battery changeover periods.


  • Anti-roll back system
  • Large operator platform
  • Additional couplings
  • AC Drive Motor

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